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Every university needs a mascot - we're the Falcons

You are probably wondering, what in the world do falcons have anything to do with grooming?!?   

It started in our first brain storming meeting about this crazy online business idea to help fellow Pet Stylists.  When we discussed our goals and missions, a vision of colleges began to form.  Every school needs a mascot. 

Dogs and cats are just too obvious.   


I do not recall if it was Bob or Dan, but one of them blurted out FALCONS with their hands raised as talons followed by a shrieking:

"Ca - Caw!" 

After we laughed for about ten minutes, wiping away tears, the Falcons were formed.   

Interesting facts we have picked up about falcons: 


*They fly high in the sky and when they make their move they dive in a cork screw fashion.  Even though the fastest way would be a straight line, this dive keeps its eye on the target at all time


*If their first strike is not successful, they quickly gain altitude and strike again.


*Fledgling falcons, in their first year of flying, have longer flight feathers, making it easier to fly while they learn the extraordinary skills from their adult counterparts. 


*Like groomers, they reach top speeds of 200 MPH, making them the fastest animal on the planet. 

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Tara Pellegrino

Director of Dream Fulfillment

Brittany Cannelli

Ambassador of Buzz

Daniel Holloway

Dispeller of Myths and Bad Ideas 

Bob Pellegrino

Digital Overlord 

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