Limited Funds eBook and Templates

Limited Funds eBook and Templates

Limited Funds: Creative Ways to Earn More Profits


Starting a new business or growing an existing one, when money is tight, it requires a creative approach.  Limited Funds details "outside-the-box" ideas and methods that have been tried, tested, and proven to cut expenses and generate revenue. 


Reduce the stress of growing your small business by following the guidlines, templates, and action plans provided within the Limited Funds eBook package to learn how to:


  • gain a greater understanding of your finances
  • market your business without spending a dime 
  • and benefit from a well executed plan.  
  • Includes

    27 Chapters, 134 pages


    Customizable Spreadsheets

    Action Plans

    VIdeo Tutorial

  • Chapters Include:

    • Tracking Your Numbers
    • Revenue, Profit, Loss and Cash
    • Break-Even
    • Creating Additional Revenue
    • Make Use of Current Inventory
    • Charge for Time
    • Create Service Levels
    • Additional Services to Sell
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Frequency Programs
    • Pricing
    • Internal Marketing
    • External Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Email Campaigns
    • Cutting Costs
    • Continuing Education
    • Time Management Strategies
    • and many more
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