Doodle Workshop

Doodle Workshop

You are on your way to making thousands of dollars a year! 


The Doodle Workshop will be sent to you in a zip file and includes all the material you need to conduct your workshops, market the classes, schedule and price the workshops as well as other ways to make more money with these classes. 


The Workshop consists of 6 classes the covers:

  1. Intro to Grooming 
  2. Pre-Work 
  3. Brushing
  4. Bathing & Drying
  5. Clipper Work
  6. Scissoring & Finishing

    The complete program includes:

    1) START HERE document to guide you through everything you purchased

    2) The Free Q&A handbook that you give to clients that have eitther attended your Facebook Live event or came to your free seminar

    3) 6 Student Handbooks for each of the classes

    4) 6 Teacher Handbooks for you to use in each session

    5) Expenses of the workshop so you know your costs

    6) Facebook event wording for all classes - simply copy and paste into Facebook!  No need for you to create your own marketing material!

    7) FAQ - asked by other groomers about the program

    8) How to Advertise Your Doodle Workshop document to put you on the right track immediately and earning money asap

    9) How to Insert Your Name (and logo) document so you can easy change my contact info to yours!

    10) How to Set up Affiliate Links document to earn even MORE money promoting items to your doodle folks

    11) 3 photo's on nails for you to laminate and pass around in the Pre-Work class

    12) Pricing document explaining how the plan works for your clients

    13) 2 Response email templates to get back to prospective clients interested in signing up for your workshop

    14) Setting a Schedule document

    15) Suggested Retail Items to Sell in your classes - more money per class! 

    16) Access to our Closed Facebook Group

    17) Continued Support, Updates, New Ideas and Plans from the GBU Team to make this program wildly successful for you and your business 


    No refunds allowed because this is a digital product

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