How to sell pet products digitally with affiliate links

We all have products that we love but may not have the budgets or space to keep inventory in our shops or vans, hoping someday someone will buy it. Take for example a portable grooming table or small dryer. We send those clients to large box stores or Amazon with glowing recommendations. Why not consider selling pet products over email and social media with affiliate links?  You can showcase these items from preferred vendors in your email, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on your website!  What a great way to spread the word on stuff you love and get paid!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Sell pet products from home to your clients

Affiliate Marketing is a digital advertisement for a brand you like that has links connected to your account.  Once a client clicks on the link and purchases the product or service, you will get paid based on the affiliate agreement in place.  Many large brands have affiliate advertising available for small business owners such as yourself.  Other big sites like also have affiliate programs.  The percentages of income are smaller than if you sold it in your salons or mobile unit, however, affiliate marketing continues long after you push SEND on your email.  The link is out there forever for anyone to purchase at any time.


How to Find Affiliates

Finding companies to work with is quite simple.  Go to any of your favorite brand websites and search for partnerships, affiliates or brand ambassadorships.  If a company works with individuals in promoting their goods online, trust me, they will have some point of contact on their website.  When in doubt, call the company and ask if they have a program in place.

Once you find the affiliates page, simply fill out the form which will require your federal tax ID number (EIN), your website or social media account, and a bank account to deposit the money.  The company will provide a link that is just for you!  This link will indicate to the business that the referral came from your company.

I am going to use as an example the industry software I use, called Pawfinity. Obviously, I do not sell this to pet parents. (But if you want to take a look at it and click my link, I will be eternally grateful!)

Pawfinity offers an affiliate link program to their customers. On their main menu, there is a box that says:

Save BIG on Pawfinity!

It's as simple as sharing your Pawfiliate link.

Refer peers, earn discounts! Start earning toward a completely FREE Pawfinity account in just minutes! Click to learn more.

When you click the link, it directs you to another page that says:

Connected Accounts

Oh No You haven't recruited any pet pros. Click here to learn how you can get Pawfinity for FREE!

Next it directs you to the page that says:

About Pawfiliates

SAVE BIG With The Pawfiliate Program!

Pawfiliate represents the official Pawfinity affiliate program, which encourages you to recruit forward-thinking pet pros like yourself to join our rapidly growing family of pet professionals. Enrollment in the Pawfiliate program is FREE, automatic and available to you now, through your standard subscription.

There is an 8 minute video that shows you how it works followed by a complete written description with detailed instructions, the benefits to you, etc.

Then a special link JUST FOR YOU is created. Mine is

The cool thing is you can send the link as is OR you can do like I do and embed the link into your text. What I mean is, all I have to say is Pawfinity and I attach the https link to the word by simply:

  • highlighting the word

  • right clicking on it

  • select the link button

  • and attaching the link

You can see I did it throughout the blog AND YOU CAN DO IT TOO for your clientele! It really is so simple!

So what companies offer affiliates? Here are a few examples to get you started:

Disclaimers are's the law! 

In the United States, it is now a federal law that anyone who is getting paid to advertise for another brand MUST have a disclaimer on both the promo (ex. tweet or Facebook post) and on your main website.  I start all of my emails and blog posts with the following: (Feel free to copy it)


Once clicked, it will bring you to this page (Again, copy this so you do not have to do the work!  Edit it to your liking).

Disclosure Policy

In 2009, our friends at the Federal Trade Commission {FTC} revised their guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials in order to protect the public from any intentionally errant or misleading advertising that has been paid for by a group or company. Since this blog/email/post/website is a source of income and may occasionally incorporate endorsements or testimonials, I felt it was important to disclose the following to you:

  • The content of my blog/email/post/website is a source of income for me and therefore may be used to promote products, services, or other businesses.

  • I will only choose to promote products/services/businesses that I have, in fact, used and that I feel will be beneficial to my clients.

  • Products provided to me by my advertising partners for my review are given to me free of charge with no cost to myself. This does not ensure a positive review of the product in any way.

You can trust me. I will always give my genuine opinion about a product or service whether or not I am partnering with the service provider and/or receiving payment to do so.

My number one priority is accuracy and fairness to my clients, and I would never compromise that truth just to make a buck. Ever.

Mentions of associated products/services/businesses within the content of my post may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference.

I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity and strive to deliver interesting, helpful, and encouraging content while generating a small profit to compensate me for my time, research, and ideas. I love and appreciate my clients and make it my goal to be up front and honest with every post I write.


Keep the disclaimer as a note on your Facebook page and if you have a website, create a page there as well. Link back to it like I linked the Pawfinity account above. If you are doing an Instagram post about a greyhound comb, simply say Disclaimer with the link attached.

Where and How to Market this Link

Once your disclaimer is on your site, it is time to spread the news about this very important item!


If you have a website, create a page called "Products I Love", or "Products I Recommend".  On this page, have a picture, brief description and any benefits or problem-solving aspects of the product.  Include the link and ask your audience to purchase the item through your site.

As you get more affiliate links, add them to your site.


If you have not been collecting your clients emails, now is the time to start!  Email is still the easiest way to reach people.  Include on the email the picture and benefits you did on your website, the affiliate link and also a link back to your website, preferably to the "Products I Love Page" as another reminder!  


As with the other two forms of marketing, Facebook and Instagram requires a kick-butt photo and a catchy heading.  The link should be first so it doesn't go into the dreaded 'Continue Reading' part that no one clicks on.  Schedule this post to go out 2 times a day, at random times when your audience checks social media.  Do this for a few days a week for one month.  Facebook and Instagram are great but it's like throwing darts at a moving the dark.  It's impossible to reach everyone all the time.  Consider boosting the post if you think you can make some money!


Similar to Facebook/Instagram, promoting a product on Twitter can yield some returns.  Use hashtags wisely and make sure to hashtag the brand name as well.  You may just get a random shopper of that brand to click your link and purchase through you!  Schedule tweets like Facebook to go out over a series of weeks.

Example from my Salon

I met a trainer who wrote a book about Containment Phobia.  I got a copy and really was quite impressed.  It reminded me of many pets that come to the salon and bite the crates.  I believe that this book can help my clients at home so I decided to market it for their benefit.

Since the author is a small business owner herself, she did not have an affiliate marketing program...but her book was on Amazon and I do have an account with them!

I wrote a book review titled: This Book Changed My Opinion About Dogs and Separation Anxiety 

In the article, I had the affiliate link posted 3 times to encourage readers to click the link.  I also had a silly picture of my dog 'reading the book' to display the cover in a fun, non-amazon, pushy kind of way!

I schedule emails and Facebook posts to go out over a series of months. Every month since the time I posted the review, I get a little money deposited in my bank account from Amazon.  Nothing to book a Disney Cruise or anything, just a little.  And I will continue to receive deposits as long as I schedule it out.  It takes minutes!

Just another revenue stream to add to my business.

I could have purchased 5 books  for $15 a pop and try to sell in my salon for $20.  They would have sat there for some time, collecting dust and getting peed on by the dogs and I would have been out $75.  Now, for FREE I am making money selling the book.  And most of the people that have purchased are not even my clients! Affiliate marketing works!

We are passionate about helping you grow your business in unique ways that you may not have considered.  You can only physically do so many dogs in a day!  We sincerely hope this helps.  If you have any advice on affiliate marketing in our industry or know of any brands that would like to work with groomers, comment below so we can all benefit!

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