Doodle Workshop

Did you know you can earn between $10,000 - $40,000 more per year without lifting a clipper AND providing a much needed service to our pet community?

Welcome to the Doodle Workshop where you teach this growing group of dog owners how to maintain their pets at home, learn the value of a brush and provide the much needed care for this hard to maintain breed.

"Why would you teach Doodle owners how to groom from home?  Doesn't that hurt your business?"

Absolutely not!  Look, Doodle owners need our help.  I don't know about you, but my spa will do a mercy groom on at least three Doodles per week.  These poor pups and their parents (that have been duped by the breeders) need our expertise and guidance right now!  

They are 'doodling' everything and it is time for Pet Stylists to step in and help these double coated, curly coated, "don't Poodle my Doodle" babies.  

The benefits to you with this program are incredible. 

  • You will earn thousands of dollars each month teaching the class

  • Be the go-to Groomer for your Doodle students when they need a professional to step in

  • Gain new clients weekly when your Doodle students refer you to their Doodle friends (that don't want to groom at home)

  • Offer other services like nail trims and self service dog wash to those students that can't do it at home

  • Sell the necessary tools to these clients so they are doing it the right way

  • Educate Doodle parents everywhere as to the time and effort it takes to groom these breeds (many have no idea!)

  • A cool bonus - an appreciation for what we do and an understanding why it costs so much to groom Doodles - and trust me, these students never balk at your prices again!  

  • Allows you to significantly raise your Doodle prices without a hiccup (we raised prices over $20 on Doodles instantly for new clients referred to us)

  • Become the local expert - Doodle parents talk to other Doodle owners....your business will boom!

  • And something that doesn't have a price tag attached but feels great - we are doing the right thing by these furbabies.  


This entire program is set up with very little effort on your part!  We did all the work so you can implement it immediately and get back your $300 investment 10-fold within 1-2 months!


It really is that simple!


As fellow Groomers, we don't want you to lose money - ever!  We work so incredibly hard for every dime we make....why not do something that makes thousands with no physical work at all?  The Doodle parents do it all - your role is teacher, mentor, instructor.  You guide them while collecting a paycheck.


It works.  AND it is in high demand.  Doodle parents are ASKING for help - why not be their solution?



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