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Did you know you can earn between $10,000 - $40,000 more per year without lifting a clipper AND providing a much needed service to our pet community?  We added this whole new service to my grooming salon and it has been very lucrative, without much money invested and hardly any effort!  The best part is we are booked out for months and people are willing to pay us $800 to teach them how to groom their own pets.

Welcome to the Doodle Workshop where you teach this growing group of DIY dog owners how to maintain their pets at home, learn the value of a brush and provide the much needed care for this hard to maintain breed.

Before you laugh out loud, close the page and give me every objection in the book as to why this will not work for you....hear me out.  Give me a few minutes so I can explain and clear away all the misconceptions you have.  

I have been grooming over 20 years and I am not naive to the lack of at-home care our clientele do.  I know pet parents don't brush their pets.  I know that the Doodle parents can be some of the hardest people to deal with.  I know that despite all of your efforts, talking until you are blue in the face, many of your clients don't take your advice of shorter clips, maintaining at home and more consistent grooming appointments.  I'm right there with you.

So before you say:

"This won't work!"


"My clients won't go for this!"


"I have tried this before - hosting classes for my clients on how to brush their dogs at one signs up!"

(And my personal favorite)

"Why would you teach Doodle owners how to groom from home?  I make good money grooming Doodles.  Doesn't that hurt your business?"

Wanna know our secret why this DOES WORK?

The students that participate in the Doodle Workshop Are. Not. Your. Clients.

Let me repeat that.  These folks will not, have not, nor will they be your clientele.  They are DIY'ers that want to groom for themselves!  (Think of them like the self-service dog wash people.  They may use you for nails, but they are not paying for you to wash their dog.  They like to do it themselves, therefore, they are a different type of client.  That is who we are talking about).


Stop thinking small!  Your current Doodle clientele enjoy your grooming services because:

A) they do not want to groom their own dog and 

B) you are an amazing groomer!

The people that have been coming to our workshop are NOT our clients.  I repeat - these pet parents are not even from our town!  The Doodle Workshop clientele are people that will travel over an hour to attend your classes because they are different from the clients you service on a daily basis.  They have a completely different mentality from your Doodle not mistake these two types of clients; they are not the same.

We have tapped into this market of DIY'ers but we are only one shop.  To give you an example of what I'm talking about, when we conduct our Facebook Live Q&A's, we have Doodle parents from all over the country commenting that they wish we were closer to them. They would gladly pay us the $800 to teach them how to groom their own pet.  AND they constantly are asking us if we know Groomers in their town that are conducting this workshop!!!  

So that is why we created this program for you.  Doodle owners need our help.    

The benefits to you with this program are incredible. 

  • You will earn thousands of dollars each month teaching the classes

  • Be the go-to Groomer for your Doodle students when they need a professional to step in

  • Gain new clients weekly when your Doodle students refer you to their Doodle friends (that don't want to groom at home)

  • Offer other services like nail trims and self service dog wash to those students that can't do it at home

  • Sell the necessary tools to these clients so they are doing it the right way

  • Educate Doodle parents everywhere as to the time and effort it takes to groom these breeds (many have no idea!)

  • A cool bonus - an appreciation for what we do and an understanding why it costs so much to groom Doodles - and trust me, these students go on every Doodle message board and lash out at other Doodle parents when they complain about the pricing.  They know what it takes to groom a Doodle!  They never balk at your prices again!  

  • Allows you to significantly raise your Doodle prices without a hiccup (we raised prices over $20 on Doodles instantly for new clients referred to us)

  • Become the local expert - Doodle parents talk to other Doodle owners....your business will boom!

  • And something that doesn't have a price tag attached but feels great - we are doing the right thing by these furbabies.  

This entire program is set up with very little effort on your part!  We did all the work so you can implement it immediately and get back your $35 investment asap. 


What you are buying is the blueprint to set up your own workshops within a few weeks.  (It took us over 6 months to set this up). 


Included in The Doodle Workshop are 34 digital documents that you can print, copy and use to advertise your new service.  We provide to you the handbooks you will use in each class (there are 6 classes) and a teachers edition so you can keep your own notes.  We teach you about pricing the program and 2 other ways you can earn additional money with your students. 


The program costs $35 for you and Doodle parents pay YOU up to $800 per workshop.  $800!!!  We run each workshop with 2-4 students at a time.  Each workshop is approximately 1 month long.  Do the math....that's up to $3,200 per month! 

Here's the thing.  We first had this program costing $300 because of the amount of time and energy we put into it.  The 4 of us that run GBU also have full-time jobs in the pet industry, plus families, etc.  It's a lot of work creating a workshop!  It took us months of trial and error, success and failure and tons of time typing this all up for you.  But the truth is, for many groomers, $300 is a lot of money for a risk that they don't even know will pay off.  We get it.  So we dropped the price to less than 1 gallon of shampoo because:


If you had the chance to check out our website, you will see, we are extremely passionate about the grooming industry.  It is our personal belief that Pet Stylists should be earning over $80k per year.  This is just another way we have found to get us all closer to that salary, without lifting dogs and doing the strenuous work.  All it requires is a little bit of your free time.  It really is that simple!


As fellow Groomers, we don't want you to lose money - ever!  We work so incredibly hard for every dime we make....why not do something that makes thousands with no physical work at all?  The Doodle parents do it all - your role is teacher, mentor, instructor.  You guide them while collecting a paycheck.


It works.  AND it is in high demand.  Doodle parents are ASKING for help - why not be their solution?  That is why we are selling this to other pet professionals, like yourself, so you can be a resource for them as well.

So what are you waiting for?  We cannot promise that the price will remain this low forever because we gots bills to pay too!  ;)

Best of luck to all of you and your future Doodle students!  We look forward to meeting you and your students on the closed Facebook group for teachers and students of this amazing workshop!



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