Bob Pellegrino

Digital Overlord

Never held a scissor.  Couldn’t tell you what a 10 blade does.  I have been a part of this industry for 20 years as an outside observer that occasionally got my hands dirty by bathing a few dogs and vacuuming the shop. 

Being the husband of a business owner – I have worn the hat of an entry level employee, as well as a business consultant.  And was never paid a dime!


Tara and Brittany are groomers.  Dan interacts with shop owners every day.  My career path has been very different.   

Sales and Management (sparing you as many boring details as possible): 


  • Over 20 years of sales and management experience across multiple industries.  Including large corporations to small startups 

  • Currently managing a team of service representatives at a large non-profit organization. 

What I have learned, the skill set I have developed, and digesting everything Tara tells me daily about the grooming business world, has allowed me to give back and help others.  And I hope to help you as well.  I am proud to say that Tara appreciates my objective view, opinions, ideas and actually implements them to make the businesses better! 

There are similarities across industries regarding employees, managing, motivating, etc.  Everyone is also a salesperson even if they are not selling a product or service.  You must convince others all the time, overcome objections, and it could be a client, an employee, or it could be your supervisor.     

I am the analyst of the group and the technical magician behind the scenes.  Making a website work has become much more user friendly in recent years.  However, I am seriously still learning so much about making a website run better! 

Very glad you took the time to read this far about me!  To be a part of this group makes me extremely proud.  Having the ability to share and help other is my motivating factor and I hope to help you achieve or exceed your goals!   

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